Parish Council

The current members of the Parish Council are:

Deacon Robbins

Deacon Racki

Tom Schatsiek

Jan Houston

Ken Harkness

Bill Durham

Max Cheatham

Michelle Palmer

Al Hahn

Mary Snyder

Ray Ramirez


Father Stephen A. Willard

The positions each person now holds are as follows:

Sacramental Life: Deacon Charlie Robbins, Mary Snyder
Evangelization/ Catechesis: Deacon Steve Racki, Ray Ramirez
Stewardship/ Social Justice/Social: Jan Houston, Michelle Palmer, Al Hahn
Administration/ Planning/ Facility & Grounds: Max Cheatham, Tim Schatsiek, Ken Harkness
Officers: Chairperson: Al Hahn, Vice-chairperson: Bill Durham, Secretary: Ray Ramirez

The Council meets the 4th Tuesday of these months; August, September, October, November, January, March, May and June.